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Sunshine Alchemists

Jasmine Beck

Sunshine Alchemy is the Atlanta juice truck that transforms plants and spirits into delectable, refreshing, and nutritious conscious cocktails. 

Harkening back to the time of ancient health elixirs—instead of commercially produced, sugar-intensive, chemically based swill—Sunshine Alchemy releases the flavor and excitement of natural foods for all to enjoy. 

Using only responsibly sourced and local-when-possible ingredients—from fruits vegetables to alcohol, spices, and garnishes—Sunshine Alchemy creates seasonal and thematic drinks based on the philosophy that good ingredients and unparalleled customer service make for a better experience all around. 

Owned and operated with love by long-time hospitality professionals, Sunshine Alchemy can cater any festival, fair, event, or spectacle, with the ability to serve both custom craft cocktails and non-alcoholic frozen drinks out of a converted FBI box truck. 

Sunshine Alchemy’s mission is to transform the culture of outdoor drinking and add a little light along the way, one frozen cocktail (or mocktail) at a time.



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